The Weight Watchers Studio

Lindsey Wells invites you to join her Weight Watchers Meeting which is held at Coaches Corner Cycling & Fitness Centre, 26, Green Street every Wednesday at 16h30.

Meetings are full of people just like you, all there working towards, or maintaining their goal weight, and they are there to support each other.

Step-by-step our lifestyle eating programme will help you get to that goal weight by mastering the three core areas that affect your weight loss:




Join Lindsey on a Wednesday afternoon where she will also give tips on Nutrition, Cooking, Exercise & Motivation.

By taking full control of your weight by joining our weight loss programme you can benefit from an on-site exercise programme of your choice – be it on a cycle (in the studio), training in our gym or working out in our Pilates Studio – each under the personal supervision of Chris (cycling), Leslie (Pilates) or Nikki (core, strength and body tone).

Discovery Vitality points can also be earned.

Lindsey can be contacted on 082 826 2690