YETI Cycles
YETI Cycles U.S.A. is a high-end MTB manufacturer.

Yeti cycles was born in 1985 when mountain bikes were still called ATB’s. After various take overs that muddied the brand image the spirit of Yeti Cycles was revived in November 2001 when a group of Yeti employees and bike enthusiasts purchased the brand and restored Yeti as a hardcore rider-oriented brand.

Yeti’s commitment to excellence and innovation is omnipresent in their current line-up.

Coaches Corner Cycle Boutique stocks mountain bikes from YETI, examples of which are shown below.

Bike Set Ups

Having the correct set-up for you on your bike is so important. It is remarkable the number of riders that one sees that are clearly not set-up correctly and are struggling on hills and single tracks unnecessarily.

Chris will carefully and patiently take your measurements and adjust your bike so that your body angles give the best delivery of the power that you generate.
Having the correct set-up also makes for more comfortable riding and reduces the risk of injury through strains.

Bike set-up cost @ R350.00 per bike.

All bikes bought through the Cycle Boutique will have a free set-up with their intended rider. This will also ensure that the correct sized bike is purchased.